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About Us

"Midway Arenacross was designed with a junior rider in mind. However, as it is a very technical track to allow for training on varied techniques, the experienced rider will be able to sharpen his or her skills."

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide the motor cross community with a junior training compound while keeping Jesus Christ at the center and reaching youth for his glory. Our slogan says "We Keep the Cross in Arenacross".

Personal Info

  •   +1(336) 816-3584
  •   8165 Old US Highway 52 Lexington, NC 27295
  •   midwayarenacross@gmail.com.
There's soo much to say about Midway! For over a year now, my boys and I have called Midway our home track. Midway lives up to that word...Home...when you top the hill and see the sign high up in the air, the warming sensation that overwhelms you as you pull in, that's the same feeling when I pull in my driveway. Midway is unlike any other track I've been to. The majority of tracks dont take the time to make you feel like your part of something. Midway does. Racing, and gods word combined bringing everyone together, man that's some awesome stuff!! Yeah so they got off to a slow start(gotta crawl first) but it's really coming together! It's a safe,fun,family friendly,soul fulfilling place, and I'm glad I found it, as you will be to. So throw some gas in that little bike,put your kids in the car and go out and experience Midway for yourself, I promise it's worth the trip! And don't worry if it's getting dark, there's big bright lights on the track, and even in the Porta john. Not bad for some dude building a mx track in his yard....

Tom Desio

Awesome place! The track is very well maintained and The folks there really do a great job making sure all the Riders and family are safe and have a good time!

Allen Watson

If you are looking for a high intensity motocross track thats main goal is a race atmosphere, this is not your place. If you are looking for a Christian owned and operated, safe and wholesome environment for your kids to learn about motocross and the Bible, this is your place!!! No riff raff, no drunks, no fights....just great people, that turn into great friends. Landon Grant and crew put together a one of a kind experience that you won't find anywhere else and track conditions that are prime for every practice and event. We can't thank you guys enough for the experience you've given our family.

Doug Boileau



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Where We are Located

8165 Old US Highway 52Lexington, North Carolina