Midway Arenacross has a very humble beginning.It was nothing more than an empty field, recently purchased family land, until Landon Grant, owner and operator, decided to use the lawnmower to create a track for his children to ride bikes and ATVs.He watched as they rode through the low cut grass and began to envision so much more.

"What if we built a real track, like for dirt bikes?” he asked his wife.

Landon remembered Richard Rumley, a man he had met a couple of years earlier, who taught dirt bike riding lessons. Richard had asked Landon then if he knew a place in the Midway area he could teach his lessons. At that time, Landon did not. But that day, watching his kids play and ride bikes in the field, he could see not only Richard teaching lessons, but kids and adults of all ages riding their dirt bikes.

But this was not just about dirt bikes. The track would be a way to reach this community for Christ … a way to build relationships and share the truth of the gospel, that Jesus Christ came to seek and to save the lost sinners of this world, of which we once were but by the gift of amazing grace we no longer are … a way to encourage and nourish the body of Christ … a way to serve.

So, in the early spring of 2015, by the grace of God and thanks to support from fellow brothers in Christ who believed in the vision, construction on Midway Arenacross began. And as the famous movie line goes … “if you build it, they will come” …


Our Mission

Our aim is to provide the motor cross community with a junior training compound while keeping Jesus Christ at the center and reaching youth for his glory. 
Our slogan says “We keep the Cross in Arenacross.”